The creation of customised software makes it possible to facilitate the production processes of companies and start-ups by computerising the way information is processed.

creation of customised software
Web and mobile software development

Web and mobile software development

When we talk about software development we are referring to a software creation activity, or computer application.

A software is a data processing system containing a set of programs useful for its use. The programs are composed of information that are processed and allow the software itself to function.

Software development is a complex process that requires careful analysis, precise planning and constant monitoring.

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Men are incredibly slow, inaccurate and intelligent. Together they are an incalculable force.

Leo Cherne

The creation of customised software makes it possible to facilitate the production processes of companies and start-ups by computerising the way information is processed.

Choosing ad hoc software to manage your business activities can make a real difference in terms of productivity and optimisation of work processes, all to the benefit of the company itself.

This in mind, Weconstudio is the ideal partner for the development of customized software and applications for companies, e-commerce and start-ups that need a tailor-made data management and processing system, thus avoiding having to adapt to obsolete business solutions that slow down business processes.

Weconstudio’s made-to-measure solutions are manufactured through a meticulous production process with the aim of obtaining products that allow you to:

  • automate and speed up operations
  • increase the collaboration of operators
  • organise information and extract reports

Our team, made up of analysts and software developers with decades of experience in the sector and hundreds of successful projects, allows us to offer you services for the creation, management and maintenance of web applications, cloud solutions, iOS/Android smartphone apps, e-ticketing systems and integrated systems, offering tailor-made solutions for all needs.

Development of practical and customised web applications

Desktops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, no matter what tool you need to use the application on, our software is developed in responsive design, so with easy accessibility on any type of device.

Thanks to cloud solutions, you can have your software wherever and whenever you want, just be connected to the network.

In addition, we develop and integrate APIs for the interconnection of distributed systems and make software that fits third-party hardware and software.

Development of practical and customised web applications

Step by Step

The software development phases through which we concretize your requests for the realization of a web application are:

Maintenance / assistance

We are always at your disposal to support you in the maintenance and evolution of your product. In fact, the service we offer includes assistance, consultancy and constant maintenance of the software proposing “CI/CD” Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery features.

Test and Go Live

Once the software is ready, all that remains is to test it. We carry out a first test and then we make the application active so that it can be used in your company.

Minimum viable product

We make a mock-up: an intermediate product to share with the client. Feedback and comparison are the basis of this production phase!


We transform the information collected in the previous phase into a real project by starting to develop the software.

Kick-off meeting

The most important step is the meeting with the client to gather all the information regarding the design of a software or the development of systems to be integrated with the existing one in order to create a work scheme to start from.